What value of n would make point A the circumcenter? 1. 22. 33. 44. 5

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct option is 2. The value of n is 3.Step-by-step explanation:Circumcenter is the point, where the perpendicular bisectors of a triangle intersect each other.Circumcenter is also known as the center of the triangle. The distance from circumcenter to each vertex are same.In triangle DEF, if A is the circumcenter.[tex]AE=AD[/tex][tex]10=2n+4[/tex]Subtract 4 from both sides.[tex]10-4=2n[/tex][tex]6=2n[/tex]Divide both sides by 2.[tex]3=n[/tex]Therefore the value of n is 3 and option 2 is correct.