What type of car is more popular among college students American or Foreign? One hundred fifty-nine college students were randomly sampled and asked which type of car they drove. A computer package was used to generate the printout below for the proportion of college students who drive American automobiles.SAMPLE PROPORTION = 0.385667SAMPLE SIZE = 159UPPER LIMIT = 0.46424LOWER LIMIT = 0.331153What proportion of the sampled students drive foreign automobiles?.385667.614333.46424.331153

Accepted Solution

Answer:answer is   .614333Step-by-step explanation:Given: The sample proportion of college students p = 0.385667  sample size,  n = 159 upper limit  = 0.464240 lower limit  =0.331153 The proportion of the sampled students who drive foreign automobiles: = 1 − 0.385667 = 0.614333 Therefore:  c)  0.614333