If the measure of an angle is p is three times less than twice the measure of angle q and angle p and angle q are supplementary angles, find each angle measure

Accepted Solution

Answer: p=[tex]119^{\circ}[/tex] and q=[tex]61^{\circ}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:We are given that  measure of an angle is P is three less than twice the measure of angle q.We have to find the value of each angleAccording to question[tex]p+q=180^{\circ}[/tex] ( By definition of supplementary[tex]p=2q-3[/tex]Substitute the value Then ,we get [tex]2q-3+q=180[/tex][tex]3q=180+3[/tex][tex] 3q=183[/tex][tex]q=\frac{183}{3}=61[/tex]Substitute the value of q then, we get[tex]p=2(61)-3=122-3=119[/tex]Hence, p=[tex]119^{\circ}[/tex] and q=[tex]61^{\circ}[/tex]